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About Off the trail goods

Off The Trail Goods started because we wanted to find a way to share our love for adventure, exploration, and discovery. We love finding treasures and want to share these little blessings with you. You never know what you could find walking among nature. We started to think about how to bring these simple things people love, but often throw away a the end of their hike, into their homes and lives in beautiful ways. Simplicity is key and we aim to bring products that showcase the beauty of the natural world and bring glimmer into your life. We source the most sustainably and ethically responsible products and materials. Our products are a combination of creation and imagination. We source locally and handcraft with care. Our jewelry is made with natural materials and fibres and a variation of techniques. They can make for a great personal addition to a collection or the perfect gift. We aim to bring you the most genuine and unique products handcrafted in Canada.


“You are my anchor, I am your sail”

Inspired by their mountainous landscapes above sea waters in the North Pacific, Cassandra and Robert both have a love for adventure, exploration, creation and building partnerships with the earth. Their art is an expression of that.

Robert Munro

Rob holds a BA in Tourism and Environmental Management and hopes to one day pursue sustainable artistic avenues that promote educational growth. As an entrepreneur, he aims to create nostalgic art forms that will forever more tell a story of our dreams, our pursuit of love, power of self, and the human condition. Along his path towards art, health, positive growth, and balance, his compelling and intriguing art challenges our understanding of the interconnectedness of humans and nature. He is currently undergoing larger chainsaw carved projects and using a variety of power carving tools creates wonderful sculptures. Working with resin as a new medium, he integrates aspect of nature into the creation of many works. Check out the gallery for more of Robs work.

Cassandra Sally

Cassandra has been an avid photographer her entire life. Her leadership skills allow her to take on challenges that strengthen her knowledge of the natural world. After realizing a strong interest in making jewelry, she found resin and uses earthly compositions to create amazingly unique pieces of art. Her keen eye for detail and her enthusiasm for exploration, leads her in her discovery of many personal finds both metaphysically and spiritually. She’s uses natural stones, holographic accents, soft hemp fibres, and other natural materials to enhance product authenticity. Perfect for any season, her art is a hot topic. Using nature as inspiration, the art comes alive with softness and beauty. She also uses her photography skills so check out the gallery for more of her art.